In Limbo

While I’ve been keeping more than busy over the last few months, I’ve consciously tried to enjoy my “down” time as much as I could, knowing that the speed of life was going to pick up here eventually and that I should be resting while I had the chance. It has hardly been stress-free, in fact there have been many events over the last few months that I wish I could erase, but still I was able to give myself a bit of a physical and partially mental break. However, things now are starting to “move” with the business, though not as efficiently as I would like, and along with that of course we just so happen to be hitting the holidays along with everything else that comes with the end of a year. My head is spinning already and we haven’t even really started…

We–as in my business partner and I–*should* be opening our doors of our own dog boarding, daycare and training center around January 1st. We are still at the mercy of the city, and until we get that permit in our hands everything is in flux. But we are getting close, I think. I hope. This process has been “enlightening” to say the least. My uber-liberal tendencies have taken a fairly deep hit after this experience, but I hope once we are in there and functioning that I can get that government resentment behind me! Onward.

On the agility front things have been humming along. We have a one-day USDAA jaunt this weekend in an attempt to get some local tournament Qs, then 3 days of AKC on T-day weekend, then a local USDAA DAM trial in December. That could be all the trials we do for quite some time unfortunately. That makes me sad, but then again, agility will always be there. I do hope Phin and I can at least eek out the few Qs that we need to qualify for Cynosport here in CA. So close, and relatively doable. And we have two fabulous teams lined up for DAM in Dec, so I am really looking forward to that trial. AKC 2015 will be in the West too, but honestly I don’t know how I will pull off qualifying for that when I wont be able to trial every or every-other weekend. Even if you are doing well, it still takes some serious campaigning to make that happen. There has got to be a happy medium somewhere between qualifying for Nationals in the two big venues. Both are a bit ridiculous in their own ways.

We do also get some more serious seminar time before the year is out. I signed up for a spot with Lisa Frick and Tereza Králová almost a YEAR ago, paid half my deposit way back when and then more or less forgot about it. About a month ago I was asked to pony up the rest… I almost backed out as honestly I shouldn’t be spending ANY money right now, but decided to dig deep and scraped together the rest. Now I am glad I did as I saw the list of participants–there are some heavy-hitters coming from all over the world, literally, to participate, so I am pretty excited to watch some amazing agility handling and hopefully retain some instruction too! I hope Phin and I can keep up. Then we have Daisy back down again in late December right before the DAM trial so I hope she can help us polish everything up enough to make things happen that weekend.

We trialed last weekend. Things weren’t fabulous, but some good bits. Gonna blame at least some of our disconnectedness on the new and somewhat funky venue. It was our usual one-judge show and Forest had to run second, which not a single one of us cares for. When Phin runs in the AM he’s high as a kite and Forest is slow in the midday sun. Forest and I eeked out one more JWW Q and 13 points. I actually took him off JWW on Sun as he was crawling. Good decision on my part, apparently I hadn’t done a good job of walking him earlier that day and he had to poop. Luckily it was outside of the ring. Gah. Phin was a bit of a nut, so no AX legs–boo–but we got another MXJ leg. His contacts were decent, I think he only technically missed one Aframe though he didnt exactly STOP on his DWs either. His teeters are much better as I’ve been working on them. Someday I WILL have contacts in the backyard, driving somewhere just to work contacts drives me insane and I am hit-or-miss on motivating to do it. Maybe that will be on my goal list for 2014–get Aframe and/or a DW in the back yard.

Other than that, well, we’re just trying to survive. I’ve had a lovely year spending a lot of time with my dogs playing agility. However, I am ready to get back to work full-time, this time for myself! Hopefully that will lead over time to more time to play with less financial strain involved. Only time will tell. Patience is not my best virtue…