…From the Dead…

And we are still here. Ghosttown and all that.

My business has smashed my productive and long-form writing life to smithereens as has my horrific Facebook problem. Echk. Facebook.

But we are still here, plus one.

Diego is old, but still his stoic self. Forest, is getting older, and well… He is having some challenges. No agility for him these days. But he is enjoying nose work. And some experimental Prozac. Aging gracefully is not in his repertoire. But he is still the reason for all the things being as they are, and I try to please him. Though I seem to fall short on an almost daily basis.

Phineas. Still the love of my life. Still. Always. Perfect and amazing and if only his mom could afford to trial him more and show the world what a spectacular animal he is. But, our little glimpses of the limelight have been nice. And verifying. I have always known these things. We do have some silly goals ahead. We shall see if I make them reality. If not, then so be it. They are not important in the greater scheme of things. But he is, the most and the bestest. Almost five. Almost five years old! He continues to make my heart burst on a daily basis. I shrivel at the thought of existing on earth without this dog. So I live every day in love and in awe of him. We live on our own little island of mutual adoration, he and I.

And then there were four. The girl. She is a special one. My first “fancy dog”. I was so #blessed(!) to have got her. She is Hidden Valley’s Super Nova and she has big shoes to fill. Not just in this household but beyond. A Border Collie. Because, I mean, where do you go from the golden child?

But she is “it”, and lightning strikes twice. Somehow. I got a girl. A girl! A potentially horrifically drama-tastic sucky-uppy BC girl. She has her moments, but…. She is pretty much as darn near perfect as anyone could ask for. Pushy and insistent and driven and bossy and athletic and has all the boys wrapped around her finger. And me too. She is a love. So very incredibly lucky to have been gifted with this one.

I am sorry I missed documenting her puppyhood here. Its on the facebook in its disjointed way. Blogs are so 2010. But, the blog is still here, as are we.

If I can just get my act together and get our collective heads above water at work, we will have some great times ahead of us. Me and my amazing dogs. Well, and if not, I still have them to keep me afloat, regardless of what else is going on.

As always, onward.