About Agility What the…

We have rescue dogs. Two who do agility, one who does not. This blog is about my forays into this (relatively) new world and the broader paths that it has dovetailed into. Hopefully I can help decode some of the agility or general dog speak for other new kids.

Firstly, the Dogs;
Phineas, aka Los Rios Gut Feeling AD AX AXJ
born circa 12-12-10
One word description; Bombastic
More than anyone could hope for in a sport dog partner, many great things to still be achieved. My heart dog.

Forest, aka Forest AAD AX AXJ MJP MXP CGC CA
born circa 01-01-08
One word description; Enigmatic
My first and most tolerant agility partner, my teacher of how to build a relationship. Does it because we have built this world together.

Diego CGC
One word description; Boss
Team Captain, surveyor of activities, bad alpha, but a heart of gold. Just wants to be with his pack. Passively-aggressively pushing us all around.

I have been a lifelong animal person, starting with obsessive-compulsively drawing pictures of dancing cats at ages 4-5. Then I moved into my horse phase which lasted a good 10-15 years. Honestly the horse phase has never really ended, rather more my means and methods of supporting it has. I still take every opportunity I can to go hack around when the opportunity arises, which is less than I wish were the case.

Dogs have always been there, in some way shape or form. I was fortunate to have grown up in a very animal-centric environment, usually surrounded by a gaggle of large hunting-type dogs complimented by a smattering of child-tolerant cats. Rodents were weird, fish were too easy to forget about, birds flew out the window, we’ll stick with the standards, thank you. My grandparents were known for their power struggles, which were often waged both literally and figuratively by their token Labradors (Papa’s) and Standard Poodles (Nanie’s). Our household had Springers and Labs, then large mixed breed pound dogs, all sweet sweet sweet.

For the most part, I had the good sense to abstain from really having my own dog as an adult until about 6, maybe 7 years ago. I knew a dog was a massive commitment, and I wasn’t ready until I was. And since then things have gotten more and more intriguing and here is where I find myself.

After working in Sports Marketing for ten years, I recently made the leap to leave my first career and start over. I now train dogs and their people full time. Its thrilling, frustrating, amusing and occasionally even upsetting to become intimately involved with people’s relationships with their dogs. Most often though it is just fun. Especially the agility parts.

I don’t really know exactly where this road is leading, but that’s often the best part. Onward.

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