To PAL/ILP or Mixed Breed?

I have a stack of dog paperwork waiting for me on my desk at home. Amongst the stacks of clean laundry, dirty laundry, plants to find homes for, etc… I dont think our move will ever be done…

Anyways, the stacks of dog items piling up include a local club membership form (practice in Costa Mesa—10 minute drive? Yes ma’am!) and the “PAL” application for the AKC.

I am torn about the PAL form and really about the AKC in general. I dont care for a lot of what the AKC does (turning a blind eye to puppy mills and horrific backyard breeding practices), and I think their first interest is financially-based, not the interest of the animals overall.

However, in our area of SoCal from what I can tell, it seems that the majority of the trials are AKC functions. So, therefore, ideally I’d be able to compete in those events for the most flexibility in scheduling in addition to the other associations.

My other problem is that Forest definitely isnt a “breed”. P and I argue rather constantly (more than I’d like to admit) about Forest’s heritage. I think he falls into the realm of Min Pin x Italian Greyhound, while P refuses this theory and insists that he is a Manchester Terrier (despite the indisputable fact that Manchesters cannot be any color other than black and tan).

So. I may try to squeak him in as a Min Pin. I think I am screwed if I do (because even if they do approve it at first) anyone who knows anything about Min Pins will know he isnt one and I may be “exposed” as a sham), but if I don’t try at all we immediately get demoted to the Mixed Breed class. It ticks me off that “Mixed Breeds” are awarded seperately and will have different titles than the “regular” dogs.

Then again, in all honesty, I dont care about the ribbons/awards. I dont. I just get peeved more at the segregation factor. I’ve done a good bit of reading on this topic and quite a few people are of the theory that -any- progress is good progress. Whlie othrs are saying that they will not participate at all with the AKC until they treat All American breeds on the same level. Part of me wants to lean toward the latter opinion, however as a new participant, I also want to try out all the different associations to get the feel for which I like the best.

Again though, we only have a handful of USDAA and NADAC trials within reasonable driving distance. I geeked out and actually counted the different association events held in SoCal for the next 6 months. My tally was:




AKC: 20


I guess ILP it is and we’ll see what happens. Glamourous MinPin-esque shots to be posted soon….