Pedigree’s Ingenious Social Media-Meets-Activism Campaign

“This post has been created in affiliation with Pedigree and their ‘Write a Post Help a Dog’ Campaign. For every blog post written by anyone (pet blogger or otherwise!) about this campaign, Pedigree will donate a 20lb bag of their new formula dog food to a shelter. For each person who ‘likes’ their Facebook Pedigree Adoption page a of bowl of food will be donated. Visit the Pedigree Foundation Shelter Rescue Blog for more information about how you can help shelter dogs.”

While my dogs are spoiled, and I shudder at the thought (and the consequences) of them wolfing down a can/bowl of Pedigree, I applaud the company’s charitable efforts as well as their social media savvy. They have an uber-corpo agency of record, Catapult Marketing, who has apparently won a glut of awards specifically for their work on Pedigree. I do love their “Dogs Rule” campaign with David Duchovny’s voice over, they are lovely. Though, they were also the ones behind those very creepy dog teeth ads, shudder.

Not sure if Catapult is also behind this social media wizardry or not, but it is truly ingenious. From an online, social media, and SEO standpoint, its doesn’t get much better than this—convincing people that they are helping animals while you just sit back and watch as your traffic and stats go absolutely through the roof. As of right this moment, they have over 1.1 million fans on facebook and I am sure that number will grow exponentially by day’s end.

But hey, I am a sucker for it too (though I am also piggybacking on the online bandwagon, link it up on the bloghop!). And, even if the food is craptastic, its better than a little scruff-muffin going hungry and will also prolong shelters’ abilities to keep dogs going for a few more days.

Well played Pedigree, well played.


Thursday Linktasticness

Links of note:

  • Hey there USDA! Welcome to the party! It only took you a few years of internal investigating to find out what most of us already knew! Puppy mills are seriously effed up, and the government turns a blind eye…
  • Raised by Wolves breaks down the USDA report in detail, including noting that the fine worksheet for violators had a glitch that actually lessened the amount they were fined. Geniuses. ** Beware, graphic images on her post.
  • This post from Smartdogs’ blog was very helpful to me this week in dealing with foster dog drama.

Speaking of, no one gets to play with toys or bones in the same room as Pierre any more. Last night’s scuffle ended in Diego with a minor eyelid tear. Sorry guys, I am still learning how to be a good foster mom… Crates and NILIF are our friends at the moment.

Have a private lesson with NT next week. I was worried after looking at her site that there was no way I’d be able to afford it, but she gave me a very good deal since we are already enrolled in classes, so I think we may actually be able to do it regularly once or twice a month. Looking forward to it…

Thursday Linktasticness

Oh good its Thursday… time to screw around…

  • I havent found the time to make it through this yet, but so far, a really nice in-depth article about HSUS vs. the Ag Industry.
  • And, I am struggling to find anyone/anywhere that really explains—in detail—the Supreme Court’s decision to strike down the law against animal abuse videos. The best I have found so far is this NYT article. I understand the slippery slope of free speech, yet am missing the difference between child porn and animal abuse depictions (which is a case Alito made, the lone dissenter)? Maybe there’s a dog agility enthusiast who also happens to be a lawyer who can explain it to me better…
  • I could have used this Behavior Modification training site this morning, before our totally disastrous walk. I even saw it coming, and yet, I managed not to hang on to leashes, dogs ran across streets, harassed multiple dogs, and me—Miss Positive Reinforcement—was not all that positive. Instead I was that idiot dog owner running around screaming “my dog is friendly!!!” as they circled innocent dogs and walkers like little piranhas. Awesome. A certain dog may have gotten exiled back into the house while the another may have had his little butt dragged at a jog all up and down stairs and hills and across the beach… Control Unleashed needs to be visited in a big way by Diego. Pack mentality was in full effect this AM, so anything Forest has learned went out the window in the presence of his BFF. Sigh.
  • Update on Courage’s case. The abused GSD saga continues: Vet Tech gets fired, her previous employers vet hospital have been receiving death threats (no wonder the average public thinks animal advocates are all a bunch of whackos), and the trial is in a few weeks. Courage has gained 20 pounds since being surrendered on 4/7. You can donate to his recovery here.

Just found out my club practice got canceled as someone failed to properly secure the permit for the park on Saturday. LAME. I guess we’ll make our own practice, maybe incorporating the EVIL home weaves… Class tonight.


I have been spending waaay too much time perusing blogs at work. Here are a few of my recent finds.

edited 3/12 to add another great link on flea and tick meds
* Its that time of year–YUCK.

* Rescuer-turned-hoarder in San Diego County. Icky.

* Dogs Smell Bed Bugs (and I am going to NYC next week, double-icky)!?!?!

* Wifey to the HSUS’s “Humane” Horseman of the Year shows us how to train a distracted horse, the “Natural Way.” Big Fail HSUS. Big, HUGE FAIL.

* Raised by Wolves’ “Top Ten Reasons the AKC’s Registration Revenues are Down the Shitter!”

…I should probably get back to work… Mleh.