“Sleeping Is Giving In…”

At least thats how I feel. Between the time change and our action packed weekend I am wiped.

On Saturday we had a Fun Match out in Riverside. We finally got some video compliments of Cat’s husband Frank. He is a trooper. I’ll post the best of the three runs.

My Quick Notes:
Alloted course time 70 sec.
First Run – Missed 2o2o on A Frame (leapt off) so went back for a redo. (Judge said he was in the yellow so I should have kept going–watched the vid. He wasnt even close?!?) Missed weave entry 2x? Bad bobble by me en route to chute but pulled it. Time: 90.8

Second Run – solid, but refusal at table. Good down, put him on my right hand to see if that would help weaves. Still missed them first time, got them on second try. Good other than that. Table DQ’ed us. 60.07 sec.

Third Run – Wanted to get out of there so rushed into the 12″ class. The wheels came off. Good 2o2o, missed tunnel entry. Would not go on table, had to YELL at him as he was sniffing around to get him back. Good down though. Missed weaves at least twice. Also missed chute. Bleh.

On Sunday we went to our first local club practice. Ummm wow. That was a hot mess. Or maybe as I do event planning for a huge part of my profession, I have a short fuse with these types of things. I was worried that it would be a bad combo for Forest—chaos minus fences—so I took it slow. Long walk around the park when we got there, lots of focus work. He was a champ. So good.

We even snuck in a course, which was tough for a novice course (lots of people were complaining). He crushed it. Only hiccup was missing the tunnel entry and powering right on to the table which was nested into the tunnel (and I had been training him heavily on the table earlier as the day before it had been our Detested Obstacle of the Day). That was totally forgivable, and I’m sure I coulda handled it better. He got an A plus.

In between agility stuff we had mad amounts of family time which was all fun and good. Yet exhausting. Leaving for NYC at 8am tomorrow and still not packed. Have agility again tonight, so its going to be a late one…

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