The posting has been sparse unfortunately, due to my lack of motivation and energy. My plans of doing a Rally Fun Match with Diego were thwarted, and instead I had a weekend full of family bickering and post-grandparents aftermath. It is getting ugly. Over the stuff. There is a lot of stuff to be had and its just getting gross. I thought I could be a referee, but I have decided to bow out of that mess.

Diego and Forest, less-than-impressed with family drama as well. Side note–when we were kids, these were the “death stairs”. One wrong step and you were catapulting down the sheer drop, praying you didnt land on a concrete corner. Diego used them as his personal stairmaster this weekend.

That and we watched “Up in the Air” last night—which was a lovely movie but that, compounded with my weekend full of stuff-arguing makes me want to quit my job, throw the dogs in the car and get the hell out of Dodge. Where on earth we would go, not sure, but it would be nice. Maybe to Joshua Tree, or Hurricane or Buffalo, preferably with a Scamp in tow?

In agility news, Forest’s running Aframe contacts and 2x2s are both coming along nicely. I need to map out my Fall agility schedule now that we _hopefully_ should be out of the figurative heat by the end of next month. Though with how wonky this Summer has been we could have an endless heat wave into December…

I am going to start a Scamp fund.


Introducing “Forest 2.0”–aka Velcro dog! WTF?

It was an interesting night. And, once again, I proved my own theory firsthand that if I am out of sorts on agility night, that it all goes down the tubes.

I tried to take it easy yesterday, as I got home from the East Coast on Sunday evening. Tried to sleep in but my internal time clock is extra wonky between going three timezones East and Daylight Savings. Only worked for a few hours and wasn’t rushed, but also squeezed in a meet with some of my favorite couple-friends-from-out-of-town who are also preggers. I had to take the time to go see them, but Forest was cooped up in the car for quite a while between the drive and our hour-plus visit. He also was pooped from being out in the desert with Pete all weekend and hadnt done a lick of agility since last Monday. Sigh. Oh, AND, I somehow thought it was a good idea to have a glass of wine, despite the fact that I had been falling asleep on the drive down. Genius!

Actually our Standard course wasn’t half bad. A few bumbles of my own doing and a funny decision by F to come off the dogwalk 3/4 of the way down the ramp and do a 2o2o with his ass way up in the air. I pulled him off and made him come down the ramp again. Oh, and he bumped his head on one of the weave poles (not hard) and kinda surprised himself I think. Funny. Overall decent though.

Then Jumpers. Which I was so excited for as it had been a while. But, alas, I got ahead of myself. Apparently as we went on through two go-rounds, he was looking at me—really fixating on—more and more. He is usually really good about me sending him on over jumps, but by then end he was totally quitting on me. Anne finally said at the end–somewhat exasperated; “He’s looking at you! He’s looking at you instead of the jumps!”


In my quest to get him to pay attention to me instead of bail for things more interesting, I have now got him completely fixated on me. Gah. To his credit, I did kinda forget to feed him his dinner, though I thought the treats would be filling him up. Maybe not. Regardless, I guess its a good thing as now I know he can go to both ends of the spectrum, just how to manage it.

In light of that, we are testing out a new trainer up here this week too. My current trainer is great with foundation stuff and teaching the dogs to do each obstacle correctly. She is also good at basic handling, but I feel like once things get more complicated—esp. when it hinges on behavioral issues—she really doesn’t offer up much advice. So, I am hoping this new person can help me more in that realm. I feel I am pretty good at analyzing things before and after, but I am just not experienced enough yet to make quick decisions on my own.

I am looking for an agility mentor… any one out there?

“Arrange whatever pieces come your way.”

I heard this Virginia Woolf quote last night listening to my “motivational” CDs on the drive down to class. I like it. A less clichéd version of the whole lemons and lemonade thing…

Class was very good by the way. Forest had his afterburners turned on last night—not sure where they came from but it was fun. Maybe the cool drizzle got him going? His Detested Obstacle of the Evening was the A-frame—his usual favorite! He did a bit of his mountain goat routine (though at least he was “with” me while doing it, not running in the opposite direction), then leapt off twice in a row. Odd, but we slowed down and reinforced and he was fine. I am very excited at our progress, he was also very in tune with me all night, even so much as I could take him off the leash in the middle of the other dogs “parking area” and he didnt bat an eye at them. Yay for progress!

We have a Fun Match on Saturday, the local club practice and our “safety test” on Sunday (please dont rain!), and class again on Monday night before I blast off to NYC for work all next week. 5 more days of “real” obstacle training opps before the trial. I feel pretty good and think we’ll be ready.

On another note, heard this story on NPR this morning. I didnt know Britain had “banned” breeds, and now they are looking to require insurance and micro-chipping for every dog in the country. Great in theory, but eek, can you imagine the red tape? I think education wins out over red tape 99% of the time….