Video from DASH trial, Odds and Ends

Nothing much exciting to report from the weekend, so I’ll finally post our not-so-pretty Open Standard Q from a few weeks ago. The best part is Pete’s under-his-breath commentary, especially the muttering “What’s his deal?” as Forest runs off to glare at the photographer about three-quarters the way through.

Quiet time for a few more weeks until we get back into the swing of things in mid-September. Class will start up again on the weekly program and I signed us up for a Jennifer Crank seminar as well. That weekend also had a trial I planned on going to—debating whether or not we could handle a full day seminar and a full next day of trialing. I guess it wouldn’t be any different than a weekend of trialing? I dunno… have a few more days to marinate on that one.

Also closely watching the California SB 250 Mandatory Spay and Neuter bill that is up for vote for the fourth time this week. Was for it before I really looked into it, now am thinking its not such a good idea. So much so that I actually sent 15 faxes this morning to all the Democratic assemblymembers who voted against it, asking them to abstain and not change their votes as they are the ones who will be pushed to switch sides. We shall see what happens. Will write more opinion on that fiasco as we see how it all falls out.

Until then…


Weekend Update — DASH AKC Trial

Another trial under our belt, another weekend of agony and victory. Well ok, neither really, just a lot of mediocre honestly.

The best part was having a trial so close to home; that was really, really nice. Made things a lot more relaxing. Plus, this was the first trial I went to under Laurie’s stewardship, and it was great. Not only to have someone to give feedback, but to feel a little less like my own dingy at sea and a little more part of a supportive group. Also a lot of people came up from SD, so it was a trial with lots of familiar faces.

I really liked one of the judges. I timed a few classes on Saturday—and I was not so hot at it. The Standard class I don’t think I flubbed (plus my scribe was seasoned crusty veteran and a total riot), but when it came to timing FAST, I was a disaster. I will claim that I wasnt the complete reason for the trainwreck that was Open FAST, but lets just say I didnt help the situation either. Thankfully the judge had a sense of humor—she gave me sass, but in a good way. If she hadnt been such a good sport, I would have been completely mortified (instead of just mostly).

Overall, Forest was very good. He still gets in these situations with a ton of stimulation, and his little brain cells start to short out on him. But, he keeps his composure for the most part and at least we are getting through courses without him totally checking out on me—at least these days if I lose him, I can get him back (except for with exceptionally loud gate persons, see below).

Saturday was a long day, between me delivering coffee at 7am and being in the last class of the day—Novice FAST. Our Open STD was first. We had a rough start thanks to me—after sitting through three rounds of Excellent as timer, I still managed to start before they gave me the “Ready”. Dumb ass. They let me reset and start again. I dont remember much about the run except that he nailed his weaves on the first try (Hooray!) and then blew his contact on the Aframe. Thats okay. That is fixable for us if I just pay attention (and we are working on running contacts, so no biggie).

Open JWW was not good. The gate guy is this huge dude who screams/bellows at the top of his lungs. We actually have been around this guy before, but Saturday Forest said “No way Mom. This guy blows.” I could tell he was melting down right before we were going in. Shit. I took him out there, we made it over three jumps with his tail tucked between his legs, and he bolted past the weaves to the opposite end of the arena. He was really, really scared, stood there shaking. I just walked over and picked him up and carried him out. It took him a while to recover from that one. I felt really bad, and if I knew what his triggers were I would be more careful, but they seem pretty random. Or maybe I am just starting to catch on… I guess the two fear meltdowns we’ve had a trials both have been noise-based, so something to watch out for. Laurie also said I did the right thing by getting him out of there and not pushing him in that state. It was good to get some validation on that front too.

I elected to do FAST on Saturday only. Which in hindsight I am glad we did—not only because we got 3rd place and a Q—yay! But, because it gave me the opp to get Forest back in the ring and to fix that bailed contact. He did everything perfectly, including the send—it was Novice, so it was very easy, but I was still proud of him as distance work is not our strong suit. We went under time just about perfectly, but now that I really understand how it works, I’ll probably be more aggressive next time getting more points! So, at least we ended on a high note.

Sunday was fine too. Back into JWW first, and thankfully Mr. Town Crier was nowhere to be seen. The judge however (the one I liked) was standing—with her enormous sun hat and purple “frock” directly in the sightline from the start. He bolted straight to her, gave her a hard stare, then came back to me and we went on. Missed the first weave entry, got it, then somehow missed a fence in a pinwheel (?!?) but it was fluid and I didnt see the point of backtracking so we just went on. Again, I got back up for making the right call so that was good. Laurie did comment though that I forced him into a sit on the start and that she saw him start stressing immediately from it. Interesting, and something I obviously was not aware of.

So, onto Standard Open. I actually do have video of this, will try to sneak it in here shortly. Unfortunately the video misses the first few seconds and our start—I left him in a stand stay, not knowing if he would—but after a violent shaking episode (one of his standard stress quirks) we were off and I even got the tunnel entry I was worried about. I missed a front cross but snuck in a rear instead. Perfect table and both contact obstacles, then the weaves. The video is quite funny—you see him enter, then turn back too quickly and slam himself into that second pole. Even the judge kinda laughed and commented “That pole bit him!” It took a minute to get him rebooted, but he did like a champ, then I flubbed the pinwheel and got him to add in another jump. Then off to glare at the photographer, back on track and a finish. Whew. Somehow we Q’ed with that disaster. Yikes.

Ugh. So, I think our biggest problem at this point is just that we need to do more trials. Get him more used to the chaos, and me more able to concentrate while on course. I think my goal is 10 trials this year–so we have 5 to go. The weather will be cooling down and I think we’ll be able to do it. If I can get into Excellent JWW by the end of the year, I’ll be happy. For some reason Standard is so much more doable for us, probably because we have time to be more thoughtful about everything.

Not sure when our next outing will be, but time to start planning now! At this rate I would not be surprised if our non-Summer reared its annoying head and decided to be hot well into fall, but I hope not. Cool weather makes speedy dogs.

Happy Sad (and Hot)

So, we dropped Pierre off at his new home last night. On paper, I wasnt sure this guy was going to work out, but once I met him and got to know him decided he was a great fit for Pierre. He is young and a renter (gasp!), but he is very thoughtful and has thought out how he will incorporate a dog into his life well before actually getting the dog. He asked all the right questions, like what size crate to get, what brand of food he eats, what his schedule is. He emailed me a few times over the week asking the status of Pierre as he knew we had other people applying for him as well. We sat with him for an hour last night and went over everything in excruciating detail. He ate it all up.

I was depressed last night when we got home. I missed the busy body little black face buzzing around the table while we ate our half-assed dinner (Round Table bleh). I missed him harassing Forest into playing with him, missed him leaping uninvited 6′ out from the couch into my lap. When we went into our bedroom to call it a night, his crate wasnt in the corner under the window anymore. It made me sad. I had my worry dreams about him all night in and out of consciousness. I miss my little black Bart, but I know this will be the best for him, and I am happy for him.

On the other hand, it is a relief to have a quiet house again with two dogs that know their jobs, know how to ask to go outside, can relax. It seems so quiet, but I think we are ready for that for a while.

We did have a trial this weekend. Forest was tough–I am learning that when it is even close to hot, he quits. I wont even recount the first day, other than it was hot and neither of us handled it well. Yesterday we got to the site, but were backed up by a bunch of traffic due to a brushfire that had broken out across the street. Sweet!!! Helicopters were buzzing the trial all afternoon dumping water and fire stuff on the hillside.

Our first JWW was a repeat of the day before (multiple off courses and me deciding to bow out only halfway through), but by some miracle of god and some unfathomable sucky handling we got through standard with a 100. With helicopters buzzing us while on course. No joke. He got up on the table as they were directly overhead and I thought to myself—this is the end—but pretended like it was the best thing ever, and we made it all the way through, nailing the weaves and all. This dog baffles me. Or maybe I baffle him. I have no idea. But, we got our first open Q. Go us.

Other best parts of the trial were having my BFF and sister there on Saturday. BFF and sister and I grew up riding horses and going to school together, so it was awesome to have her there. She is my one of 2 girlfriends who I can talk to about agility because she’s stuck with me for this long, she’s not going to ditch me now for being crazy dog lady. And moms came yesterday, made us lunch and iced tea. It was nice having a support crew.

Updating will be sporadic this week. I have a crappy work week and will be jamming to catch up on everything I have been procrastinating on for the last month. I have been really, really bad at work recently, and I am about to catch hell for it. My boss is a whack job, but I am also digging my own grave. I need to get back on track. Less dog blog reading and writing, more selling the magic of expensive sunglasses! Cant wait…

The Shift

We had a good weekend. Forest, Pierre and I packed our bags and headed down to SD on Friday evening to join the family for some celebrating of graduations and such. My NYC-based sister was on town, and much eating and beveraging ensued. It was good.

Pierre did pretty well at the parents house. No accidents, mostly well-behaved, though he is proving to have issues with some men, usually older ones with grey or little hair. He was fine when he entered a room my dad was already in, but when my dad came into the room, he had a few fits. He would settle fairly quickly, but it was odd and a little nerve-wracking. He also is extremely obsessed with cats. Forest likes to chase the cat, but I have zero concern that if he actually catches it that he would do anything. Pierre however, I do not trust at all. My sister actually did a spectacular body slam/pin maneuver on him when the cat escaped into the back yard where we were all hanging out. My sister loves her cats man, and no little black dogs are getting within ten feet if she can help it. I wish I had it on video, it was so amazing. Pierre was screaming bloody murder the whole time, charming.

We had one day of a two day, one judge trial yesterday. It was my first one judge experience and honestly I may avoid that scenario in the future if I can help it. The lack of having to worry about ring conflicts was nice, but not worth the slow-moving agony we had to endure instead.

Regardless, I really think that my new trainer has already helped us immensely. I kept it really light, happy, fun. We played before as much as I could get him to (the wind and cool weather helped as well). I was just happy happy, didn’t overdo my warm up, kept him cool and contained for the majority of the day, and it seemed to work really well.

This was our first go in Open Standard and he did awesome, other than me calling him out of the weaves too early (at like 9 or 10 I got excited and said “GOOD boy!!!” and he was like “okay! what now!?!” and popped out. I went back to do them again (not sure what actual protocol in Open is for re-dos on the weaves), made it to like 10 where he popped out again, so we just kept going. He was so, so good. I was really happy with him.

In Novice JWW, again the weaves got us, but not bad enough to knock us out. It was a bit of a weird entry which my crap handling skills did nothing to assist, so he kinda just stalled out. But I got him revved back up and rolling again so we made it all good and Q’ed out of Novice there too.

I really am so proud of him and how far he has come, and I am proud of myself for figuring out how to work with his little eccentricities to keep him happy and “in the game”. I also am realizing more and more how sensitive Forest is. He acts so aloof most of the time, but I now know how much he picks up on my moods and feelings. The new trainer has helped me refocus onto keeping it fun for him—which in turn makes me lighten up, and I think it will make all the difference. Looking forward to class with her tonight—I hope she remembers the flirt pole! I have my string cheeses, squeaky ball, and nasty-ass-sock filled with hot dogs ready to go.

(If I ever consider running for political office, that last sentence could bring me down in fiery flames…)

Off Topic link: a nice post from Dogster on the ins and outs of vaccinating your dogs.

Yay Monday. Mleh.

Trial Desert

We made it through this weekend’s trial, which was our second AKC event. And somehow, somehow, even though none of our runs were especially pretty, we got four Qs. Four. Out of four. I am still shocked. We had wrong courses in both Standard runs and some judge distraction in JWW, yet it still worked out. I guess that means we are in the right place, training-wise, for the level we are at. We are now titled in Standard (I think) and just need one more JWW to move up to Open there. Crazy talk.

I tried really hard not to get him out too early before classes—though being by myself, having to park far away, and there not being a lot of dogs in the smaller height classes definitely pushed my time management and coordination skills. Also on Sunday I went to the store beforehand to get some new novel treats—string cheese, pre-cooked bacon—and that seemed to help too. Maybe those will be my trial-only treats as he seemed pretty ga ga over them. (Plus I wouldn’t eat pre-cooked bacon myself so don’t really want him having too much anyways).

So now we are out in Joshua Tree. The cabin is perfect, a decor mix of mid-century meets vintage western. Too cute. We are out on the porch now, watching birds, drinking coffee, and laying in the sun. Diego is having grand time ambling around the flora and fauna. Forest unfortunately is contained to his long lead but still seems happy enough.

Here all day today and tomorrow with a goal of doing not a whole lot. Maybe a few hikes, but that’s the extent of it.

Yay desert. Yay Forest. Yay Diego for being the easiest dog ever.

One Looong Weekend–and One Q!

In Summary: We survived. It was a very long weekend, but we made it through all of our classes with no meltdowns or jumping out of the ring or attacking the judge or making any other major blunders. And, at the end of it all, we Q’ed in our last class–Standard! Video of the triumph (Forest gets mucho credit for winning this one) below. Our First Trial was exhausting and at times frustrating, but a big accomplishment for Team Forest.

In Detail: We packed up the car on Friday after work and headed an hour South to my parents (dad and stepmom’s) place. We got there to much chaos (as usual). Uncles visiting, cats to chase, sisters and SO’s coming and going. We had dinner late (as usual) and went to bed late. Forest was not happy. He pitched a fit about sleeping in his crate after sleeping about an hour. I caved and let him out hoping he’d shut up on the bed. He did, for another hour, then would get up, whine, run around the room, jump back on the bed and kick us. The bed was also a double, it was crowded. So, we did not sleep well.

Got up early because I was paranoid about being there on time. Arrived around 9, I don’t think our first class was until at least 1. I tried to keep him settled in his crate, but there was a lot going on. When we finally got to go for our first class–Jumpers–he was seriously asleep. Tried to pep him up but he was exhausted between being up all night and stimulated all day. The start was excruciating–a tunnel to weaves. Ugh. We had just done some send exercises into tunnels on Thursday night and I think he still had tunnel-on-the-brain. We missed our weave entries a few times, and when I’d try to reset him he’d blow right past me back into the tunnel. It was ugly but we got through it. He was slightly less asleep for Standard. We actually had a very nice round, other than me almost going off course and then a bar by him! A bar! So odd. I totally forgave him because that’s probably the second time I’ve seen him hit a bar in the 10 months we’ve been doing this. So I was happy with him and chalked up the days issues to sleep deprivation.

We went back to the parents where we napped, laid in front of the fire, chased cats a lot less enthusiastically, watched Hurt Locker (yeaow, intense!) and slept much better on that night, awaking quite a bit more bushy-tailed the next AM. I had to get down there early again to do my volunteering. I set bars for a few of the Excellent classes. Was pretty interesting to see the wide range of skills. Everything from the girl with her Golden who got her MACH the day before getting another Q, to totally out-of-control people blasting through jumps and getting whistled off within 10 seconds. Interesting. Made me feel better about where I am.

Jumpers came up first again. I think its funny how I thought JWW would be our “easy” class, yeah, not so much. This time we started with three jumps–yay momentum!–then went tunnel to weaves. Boo. Again, we blew our first weave entry so had to reset. Watching the videos–on Saturday I definitely sent him back in with my body cues. So on Sunday I was much more aware of keeping my back to the tunnel, to no avail. Massive tunnel suck took place again, plus a horrific attempt at a front cross and a resulting off course NQ’ed us. Oh well.

By the time we got to Standard I was frankly over it. But sucked up my competitive demons and went on with it. Was watching the 16″ dogs before us and noticed they hadnt reset the table from 12″. Mentioned it to the ring people and sent everyone into a tizzy resetting and getting the mis-run dog to go back in and do the table again. Not sure if that gave me some extra confidence or what, but we put in a relatively good course. We were semi-slow-mo, but hit the weaves right the first time, he did a perfect down on the table, and completely saved my butt–again on a horrendous front cross (see video)–and we made it through clean. I think everyone was relieved from our camp! We were the only ones who hadnt yet had a Q, so we pulled it out at the last minute. It felt good.

I have a lot of opinions/commentary on the trial in general, the Canine Companions inclusion, etc., but I will leave it for another post. We made it through, and we are tired. UKI match on Saturday will be a good place to pick up where we left off, for fun.