Quickie Update

This week has been crazy between dog stuff, work and side-work stuff and Pete leaving town, so not much time for a proper post.

Monday night was great. Forest was meellllllooooww, thanks to running his brains out the afternoon before. And he was very, very good. Our standard course we would have Q’ed for sure. Missed first weaves entry but then nailed it, and he had his super-fast-pants on. I had to actually run to keep up with him on the dog walk and he even pretty much ran down the AF which was awesome. I was very proud of him. Jumpers wasnt as pretty, but entirely my own fault. The second course had four front crosses in it and I made a total mess of it. Oh well. She tends to give us harder courses than I *think* we’ll have at the novice level, so I can only hope that we’ll have a fairly easy time once we get into the trialing phase.

New Trainer tomorrow evening, looking forward to it.

Prepping and cooking tonight so we’ll have plenty o’ time to pack for our “travel” weekend. Staying with my Dad and stepmom as our trial is way down in South San Diego. We’ll stay with them on Friday and Saturday night which will be fun. My sister will also be there, so I hope to get to have some quality family time squeezed in too. Plus my parents have a new kitty—about 4-5 months now—and he is too cute. I need my kitty fix. Not really reminding too many people down there about my trial, I don’t want to be too distracted. I know I’ll be a stress case, at least on Saturday. The only people “allowed” on Saturday are my mom, Pete, and my BFF from 6th grade who I grew up riding with. Everyone else is barred!

AND, I volunteered to set jumps on Sunday for a few classes. Agility Hell has been held off by a thread.

In Random Dog News: Connecticut Humane Society busted for shady practices, including euthanizing dogs for behavioral problems such as seperation anxiety. Both my dogs would have been toast. Eek, eek, eek.


Super-Agility Extravaganza Kick Off Weekend!

Well, extravaganzatastic to me anyway. Yesterday we did Lure Coursing with the little luratic, class tonight and Thursday, our first trial Saturday and Sunday, two more classes, then a UKI trial/match on the following Saturday. Whew.

Note to self: Avoid any trials we want to compete in that have Lure Coursing on site. Our first go last month was probably like the first time one imbibes in a new substance. It may make one feel a little funny, but you arent sure what all the fuss is about. Then the second time, now that you sorta know the drill–WHAMO! Out of your mind.

That’s how Forest was yesterday. This time, the instant that lure fired up and we were on the outside of the course, he started that high-pitched insane dog squeal and started thrashing around like a fish on the line. I took him in for round one, and the girl asked “I cant remember is he fast or medium?” I said I wasnt sure, but the second he took off she said, “Oh yeah, he’s definitely fast!” He was waaay faster this time, which she said was typical. After two runs, he was seriously out of his mind for another hour, even after a cool down walk and being quiet in his crate in the back of the car. However, mission accomplished; he slept in this morning and didnt budge when I snuck out the door for work.

The photog said she got some good shots of him this time, so I hope to have something cool to post up here.

Tonight class at the “first” trainer’s place. She was at the AKC Nationals all weekend, so we’ll hear some good stories I am sure.

I also ended up downloading the Agility iLog app for my iPhone. I think I already love it. Its so simple, menus all right there, totally intuitive on how to navigate around in it. Looking forward to putting it to use over the next few weeks!

And, a news hit on a LA Pet-Store-Turned-Rescue Shop! Good stuff.

Thursday Linktastic-ness

I actually am legitimately surfing the intrawebs today for animal sites, doing media research for an upcoming charity event my work is putting on in May. (I had no idea the LA Times has an “Unleashed blog”.  Lots of good stuff on there…) Found a good one from today;

Eeegads on so many levels…

In other news, we are heading out to our first training session with the new trainer tonight. She has a much smaller area than we are used to practicing in so it will be interesting to see how that goes. Sequences instead of full courses… I am feeling kinda zoned out today, hopefully I can perk up pre-class. At least its only a 30 minute drive instead of over an hour!

We also got our confirmation for our first trial! We are official. And it looks like there are a million dogs before us, which is good and bad. I will undoubtedly be having horse show flashbacks with the whole hurry-up-and-wait process that will undoubtedly happen. That’s okay, part of the fun, right? ….right???


I have been spending waaay too much time perusing blogs at work. Here are a few of my recent finds.

edited 3/12 to add another great link on flea and tick meds
* Its that time of year–YUCK.

* Rescuer-turned-hoarder in San Diego County. Icky.

* Dogs Smell Bed Bugs (and I am going to NYC next week, double-icky)!?!?!

* Wifey to the HSUS’s “Humane” Horseman of the Year shows us how to train a distracted horse, the “Natural Way.” Big Fail HSUS. Big, HUGE FAIL.

* Raised by Wolves’ “Top Ten Reasons the AKC’s Registration Revenues are Down the Shitter!”

…I should probably get back to work… Mleh.

“Arrange whatever pieces come your way.”

I heard this Virginia Woolf quote last night listening to my “motivational” CDs on the drive down to class. I like it. A less clichéd version of the whole lemons and lemonade thing…

Class was very good by the way. Forest had his afterburners turned on last night—not sure where they came from but it was fun. Maybe the cool drizzle got him going? His Detested Obstacle of the Evening was the A-frame—his usual favorite! He did a bit of his mountain goat routine (though at least he was “with” me while doing it, not running in the opposite direction), then leapt off twice in a row. Odd, but we slowed down and reinforced and he was fine. I am very excited at our progress, he was also very in tune with me all night, even so much as I could take him off the leash in the middle of the other dogs “parking area” and he didnt bat an eye at them. Yay for progress!

We have a Fun Match on Saturday, the local club practice and our “safety test” on Sunday (please dont rain!), and class again on Monday night before I blast off to NYC for work all next week. 5 more days of “real” obstacle training opps before the trial. I feel pretty good and think we’ll be ready.

On another note, heard this story on NPR this morning. I didnt know Britain had “banned” breeds, and now they are looking to require insurance and micro-chipping for every dog in the country. Great in theory, but eek, can you imagine the red tape? I think education wins out over red tape 99% of the time….