Tech Dork Excitement!

…I was wondering when someone was going to get off their arse and make an agility tracker iPhone app. Well its here!

Dog Agility iLog

I literally just stumbled across it, but cant wait to download and start playing around. I really hope its easier than Agility Record Book. That program is WAAAAAY over my head. I am hoping with all my heart that this one is a little more user friendly… fingers crossed.

Okay, just realized… (aka “a little backy-uppy”…)

$18.00!?!?!? Or I mean, $17.99?!??!? Really? Sigh.

Hmmm, now I will actually have to think about it. Will watch the online demo and see if it looks worth it. I really hope it is. If I had spent $18 on ARB I would have asked for my money back.

Geesh. I still think I’ll get it. I’m such a sucker.